About Local Action

Local Action LeafletA lot has changed within the local film industry since we started supplying filming equipment back in 1987…

What started with a few bold individuals has now blossomed into a network of businesses with a truly global reach.

At the heart of it all is the rich and varied landscape of the Queenstown Southern Lakes region, which draws tourists and film scouts from all corners of the globe. Growing up in these mountains, we feel blessed to call this region home and to showcase the very best it has to offer.

Local Action is a tight knit team of highly experienced individuals who work hard to ensure your production needs are satisfied.

Our Mission Statement

To service the motion picture industry professionally, safely, efficiently and competitively, to continue achieving recognition and respect in our chosen markets.

Our Objectives

  • To undertake mutually beneficial relationships
  • To implement quality control measures in all we can
  • To provide quality equipment
  • To provide quality resources
  • To allow people to take ownership of what they do
  • To continue innovating film equipment for a more effective and efficient production process
  • To provide a safe working environment
  • To provide appropriate pricing structures
  • Maintain high standards of business ethics
  • Strong capitalisation

Our Values

  • Quality = fitness of purpose
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Taking ownership of clients needs
  • Open and effective communication
  • Being forward looking and visionary
  • Loyalty and working together as a committed team